Coin Official

A new type defi incubator. We showcase and help projects grow the correct way.

What is Coin Official

Coin Official is a new state-of-the-art coin voting website built from the ground up where users use tokens to vote on their favorite projects. Coin Official aims to be the #1 project incubator, marketing company, and marketplace.

The problem with traditional voting sites

Traditional voting sites are rampant with bots, manipulation, bribery, fake accounts, and click farms. It's impossible for an investor to tell how much engagement is behind a project with a system that only requires a captcha or free account to upvote a project using a web 2.0 platform. There is also a large discrepancy for website analytics that is commonly used to mislead investors.

The Solution

To prevent projects from blatant manipulation unbeknownst to the investors we created a system where our smart contract monitors and records every vote for every project. With our unique voting system, voting requires the use of our token (VOTE) to upvote projects in our ecosystem. Integrating Web 3.0 keeps projects honest and transparent. 1 vote always requires 1 VOTE token, we show the true stats behind what projects are worth investing in.

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