Website Sections Explained

(Promoted, Trending, and Biggest Gainers)

This is a premium paid spot purchased by projects wanting additional exposure. Generally, the promoted section will showcase projects that are in the marketing phase, pre-sale, or wanting to showcase their utility to more investors. If you're a project owner you can read about how to get your project in front of more viewers here.

This section is to showcase projects with the largest amount of votes added in a rolling 5 day period. Keep tabs on projects in this section as generally they have larger backers, an active community, and are preparing to launch.

If you're a project owner you can increase your chances of being in the trending section by increasing your project's vote count. Learn how to vote here.

Biggest Gainers

This is a section to showcase projects with the largest price increases in a rolling 24 hour period. Keep your eyes on these projects.


This is a special signal to investors when a project is being promoted and is a top trending project. You can tell if a project is supercharged by a lighting bolt shooting across their listings.

A project in any of these sections does not mean in any way that we approve or recommend that project, even if we host an AMA with them. Please always DYOR before investing, remembering that Coin Official is a decentralized platform.

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