Banner Advertisement

Engaging a larger audience.

Why a Banner Advertisement?

When it comes to getting eyes on your project having a large banner on the homepage is an easy solution. With every eye on the website looking at your image, this is your chance to engage with a diverse crypto audience.


All articles need to be vetted by the Coin Official team before being posted. Articles need to be realistic, informative, and engaging. If you would like us to write an article about your project add 1 BNB.

Bulk discounts

Prices will increase exponentially as our platform gains more traction. Buy today to lock in a price before they change, you will never find the rates this low.

To proceed:

  1. Please go to our "Promote" page where you can follow our automatic checkout process.

  2. Select the date(s) you would like the banner promoted.

  3. Upload the banner image and the URL clickthrough link.

  4. Add to the Cart.

  5. Go to the Cart and complete the checkout process.


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