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Engaging a larger audience.

Why a Press Release?

When it comes to generating media attention and getting your brand out there, nothing beats a press release. From print to digital publications, Coin Official can write a press release for your project that wins exposure, engages your target audience, and meets your objectives.

Isn't this like any other advertisement?

No! Coin Offical takes a very unique approach when helping projects market. Traditional companies will paste ads all over the internet hoping to convert a fraction of a percent of their viewers. But with Coin Official every viewer on the platform is your target audience. That's the beauty of creating engaging articles for viewers to read. Not only will they see a banner with your project name and logo but they can read about your project, its purpose, utility, plans, and why they should invest.


All articles need to be vetted by the Coin Official team before being posted. Articles need to be realistic, informative, and engaging. If you would like us to write an article about your project add 1 BNB.


Listed on website forever

.5 BNB

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To proceed:

  1. Connect your wallet.

  2. Click the drop-down for "Press Release"

  3. Fill out the required fields.

  4. Go to the Cart and complete the checkout process.

Please note, that the article for your project will always be kept on Coin Officials' website. Increasing traffic and SEO for your project even after it rotates off the front page.


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