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Coin Tiers and Ranks

Our token platform includes a ranking system, giving investors an easy way to sort and see projects with a higher likely hood of succeeding.


For smaller projects that meet basic requirements.
5,000+ Votes
Custom badge and color.


For projects with good potential that meet higher standards.
25,000+ Votes
Custom badge and color.
Audit Completed
Extra Promotion in Telegram.


For serious projects that are bringing utility and meet strict standards.
50,000+ Votes
Vibrant custom badge and color.
Audit completed
30-minute free consultation from the Coin Official team.
KYC completed
Extra Promotion across the platform.
AMA scheduled with Coin Official
Stong team
Professional whitepaper
Marketing plan

Coin Official Select

Reserved for top projects, hand vetted, and meets strict requirements.
•100,000+ Votes
•AUDIT required.
•KYC with Coin Official required.
•Project needs a utility that is in beta stage or completed.
•Utility must be unique or done better than existing tools/ solutions.
•Team has an experienced developer.
•Team appears to have vast knowledge in what they are doing and in the defi space.
•Team needs to have a large budget for marketing pre and post-launch with a go-to market plan.
•Liquidity must be at least 60% of funds raised in the pre-sale.
•Tokenomics need to be reasonable, obtainable, and fair.
•Tax on trading must not be higher than 15%.
•Starting marketing cap needs to be reasonable.