Token Promoted Section

Showcasing top tier projects.

Why promote a project?

Marketing can make or break a project. Increase viewership by having your project featured on the front page in a prime location. Unlike other websites, we will never squish your project with 10+ projects to increase our payments. You're guaranteed a top-tier slot for the days you select, every time.

Any other benefits?

We also offer a unique option for a project to be "Super Charged". If a project is listed in the Promoted section, and is trending your project will get unique exposure with a lightning bolt animation symbolizing great potential. Grabbing more viewers, increasing votes, and of course increasing buyers.


Bulk Discounts

Prices will increase exponentially as our platform gains more traction. Buy today to lock in a price before they change, you will never find the rates this low.

To proceed:

  1. Please go to our "Promote" page where you can follow our automatic checkout process.

  2. Select the token you would like to promote.

  3. Select the date(s) you would like the token promoted.

  4. Add to the Cart.

  5. Go to the Cart and complete the checkout process.


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